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VPB's managed cloud servers

VPB's managed cloud servers

VPB's managed cloud servers allow you to focus on developing your applications or websites while we take care of your cloud infrastructure. Whether you are looking to optimize or scale your existing infrastructure, migrate from an on-premise datacenter, or you would like to establish a cost effective, cloud-based disaster recovery site, we are ready to help. We understand that it is hard to find good people, which is why we are there for you 24x7x365, for pennies on the dollar compared to hiring your own staff. We take full responsibility for the availability, security, performance, and cost of your cloud environment. VPB. When failure is simply not an option. Every Dedicated Server plan comes with the following features: - Network Uptime – 100% of the Time - 24/7 Support – From Experts - Bandwidth Carriers – Connected to 200+ - Secure & Safe - Zero Upfront Costs – Pay What You See Chat with one of our experts to help choose the right solution for your business.

Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

CRM For Small Business

CRM For Small Business

CRM For Small Business

Starting up a small business comes with a lot of problems and issues to face. One of these is that small businesses have to deal with competitors trying to steal away their customers (when you only have a few customers it's really important to keep them). Thus small businesses need to come up with new tactics and personalized strategies to have a competitive advantage over their competitors. One way to gain more customers is to give the best customer management possible.
Increasing the sales volume of the company is key to making it grow and expand. The best way to increase sales volume is to constantly follow up and maintain good relationships with existing customers and potential leads who will become loyal customers of the company later on. Some companies even decide to have their own CRM (customer relationship management) tool to aid in delivering services to their customers.

However, small businesses are faced with problem of having limited funds. This makes it hard to justify purchasing expensive CRM software. It also makes it hard to hire the right people who will offer the best customer management. Some companies have their employees performing several tasks in an attempt to boost the company's sales; this isn't effective in the long run because doing this may sacrifice the quality of giving the best services to your customers.

An ideal option for small businesses is to have web-based CRM software that will manage the company's customer support and services as well as keep track of their existing and prospective clients. This will help the company to manage their contacts, record their transactions and sales history, and follow up later with their customers. All of these can be done quickly and easily through online based CRM software that is also cost effective and quite affordable for small businesses. This type of centralized CRM solution will help the sales team of the company to handle their customers effectively and eventually increase the profitability level of the business.
Although small businesses have limited funds and manpower, this doesn't mean that they don't need to be able to handle their customers effectively. There are a lot of web-based CRM solutions that are quite affordable for the business and some of them are even open-source making it more realistic for the companies to have their own CRM tool that will cater to the needs of the company in dealing and managing their customers.

James thinks that too many business owners are overconfident in their ability to manage customer relations. He believes that CRM for small business would help these arrogant owners. If you think that you might need help with managing customer relations then you will want to start by looking to CRM solutions companies for help. These companies can help you get on the right track.

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Iron Ore Processing Plant

Iron Ore Processing Plant

Iron processing, use of a smelting process to turn the ore into a form from which products can be fashioned. Included in this article also is a discussion of the mining of iron and of its preparation for smelting.

Iron ore Benefication Process:
1.Large raw iron ore for primary crushing are fed into the jaw crusher by Plate feeder and are reduced to 8 inches or smaller. After first crushing, the material will transferred to cone crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing; the crushed iron ore stone will then transferred to vibrating screen for classifying. After classifying, the parts whose size below the mesh size will be transferred away as final products, while the other parts will return to cone crusher, thus forming a closed circuit. Size of final products can be combined and graded according to your specific requirement.

2.The smaller crushed iron ore is fed to ball mill for grinding. Inside the ball mill, the crushed iron ore will grind the ore to about 0.2 mm with 3-inch steel balls.

3.This iron ore slurry is pumped to the agitation tank. This iron ore slurry is finally pumped to the flotation machine with the fine sulfide ore (~-0.074 mm) going to froth flotation cells for recovery of iron.

4.In magnetite processing plant,the process of flotation separation is replaced by magnetic separation. The minerals are conveyed to the permanent magnetic dewatering tank for concentrate and then concentrate will enter permanent magnetic drum for a second magnetic separation. The concentrate after filtration and drying are conveyed to warehouse for storage.

1. In crushing, it adopts traditional two-stage and a closed circuit system for ideal fineness. Besides, jaw crushers have large crushing capacity.

2. In grinding and classification, with characteristics of large processing capacity and small floor area, superfine lamination autogenous mill can save energy by more than 85%.

3. In classification, hydrocyclone and vibrating screen can enhance the classifying effects.

4. It adopts the third generation tailings dry stacking technology, which can save energy by 60-80%. Furthermore, it can also protect the environment and build a base for green mine.

Major iron ore beneficiation equipments are including:
jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen,ball mill,spiral classfier,hydrocyclone,flotation machine, magnetic separatior,efficient thickener,press filter,slurry pump,feeder, agitation tank and belt conveyor etc.

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It uses molten metal and jets it in small droplets onto a surface similary to a standard inkjet paper printer and by connecting the metal droplets a 3d object can be made. It could be considered world’s first molten metal 3d printer

Since one of the design ideas behind this machine is to make it widely available, the material it uses had to be widely available and cheap so the main material is molten aluminum wire.

While the basic technology sounds easy in theory and has been used even 20 years ago in the past for some applications, there are still many difficult technical obstacles to overcome. These obstacles include reaching complex requirements like developing a printhead that is resistant to abrasive properties of molten aluminum by using ceramics, magnetic containment and getting drop-on-demand molten metal droplets.
Vader is founded two years ago by Scott and Zachary Vader, a father-son team. With Fall of 2015 being the timeframe for the release of first working pre-production Mark 1 prototype.

The price range of the first machine should be around 250.000 USD which is much cheaper than currently available commercial metal 3d printers.

Hopefully the Vader team will be successful in bringing their machine to the market and start the race for affordable HOME metal 3d printers. I want one! And I know some of you want one too

Vader Systems company page: http://www.vadersystems.com/

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PCB Prototype Assembly - We assemble your prototype PCBs with SMT and/or THT components at very attractive prices for component counts of 1 or more. We perform the preparation tasks for PCB assembly while we are producing your PCBs. Generate a convenient online price quotation and order PCB fabrication and assembly in a single operation for your prototype PCBs.

No more miscommunication between multiple vendors. No more delays. Sierra Circuits is exactly what you've been looking for.

Receive fabrication and assembly prices within minutes. Upload your fabrication and assembly files as one order.
We handle it all, including ordering and receiving components. Sierra checks multiple sources for components, so you don't have to. We work with several distributors, including Digi-key and Mouser.

Prevent delays: find out the pricing and availability of components within minutes. Go through our seven point checklist before ordering.

quote online and receive your quote instantly. Sierra Circuits is proud to be a select group of PCB companies to offer this tool. Complete your assembly quote online in minutes.

Our online quoting allows you to order assembly in five days or less. We provide competitive prices and fast delivery times.

No Charge For StencilsNo Charge For ToolingNo Charge For Pinwork & AOI

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PCB manufacturers

PCB manufacturers

We are a network of 100+ strategic PCB manufacturers!
It is difficult to find a qualified printed circuit board manufacturer, though there are hundreds out there. A good PCB manufacturing company is one who knows what customers care, and helps customers fix technical problems and finally turns out with good quality PCBs.

By streamlining the production line of PCB manufacturing, ALLPCB.com makes it possible for its network PCB manufacturers to fabricate customers’ PCBs in timely manner without a strict minimum order request – we take 5pc-prototyping orders!
You have the option to configure your own custom PCBs by choosing specifications of your PCBs – dimension, layers, thickness, copper weight, hole diameter, track and space, etc. Our system automatically tells you the price of your PCB instantly, and this price is very competitive.
Besides all these automation and conveniences, ALLPCB.com will appoint a salesgirl who is able to write good English to help you through all your orders. And we have PCB engineers who check and reviews all your data and files to make sure your files meet manufacturability requests. You can feel the warmth and professionalism of our people.
OURPCB’s dedicated pcb prototyping facility is a full turnkey, fast turnaround, high technology service.

PCB Prototyping Features:

♦ Layers: 1-32

♦ Finished Copper: 0.5-5oz

♦ Min. Line/Track Width: 3mil.

♦ Min. Line/Track Space: 3mil.

♦ Finished Board Thickness: 0.2-5.0mm.

♦ Min. Finished Diameter of PTH Hole: 0.2mm.

PCB Prototyping Standard Lead time:

♦ 1—2layers:5days

♦ 4layers:6days

♦ 6 layers:7days

♦ 8layers:8days

♦ 10layers:9days

♦ 12 layers:11days

♦ *shipping time is not included

PCB Prototyping Payment:

♦ Paypal is acceptable

♦ Cash on Delivery is acceptable


♦ Formal quotation in 8 working hours.

DHL, FeDex, TNT,EMS are available

ALLPCB.com offers everything you could wish for PCB manufacturers!

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What is Rapid Prototype

What is Rapid Prototype

3D printed prototyping is quite simply revolutionizing product design. The ability to turn your vision into reality in a matter of hours not only accelerates the manufacturing cycle, it also means that you have more time and opportunities to perfect design before production. Get your designs experienced the way they deserve, that’s the powerful advantage of Stratasys rapid prototyping

Design iteratively
No matter what you design, you almost never achieve a flawless product right out of the gate. Rigorous testing, evaluation and refinement are the best means to assess what works and what doesn’t. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing provides the flexibility required to make this crucial trial and error process possible for physical products.

Reduce scrap and rework
In general, the later a problem is discovered, the more costly it will be to correct. Finding and fixing problems early in the design cycle is essential to preventing scrap, rework and retooling. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing allows industrial designers and engineers more revisions in less time, so they can test thoroughly while still reducing time to market.

Communicate ideas
Physical models convey ideas to collaborators, clients and marketers in ways computer models can’t. Rapid prototyping facilitates the clear, detailed feedback essential to product success, and lets designers quickly respond to input.
Gerber file naming and format: Test in the real world
Rapid Prototyping CircleKnow exactly how your products will look and perform before investing in tooling. A wide range of 3D printing materials can produce tough functional prototypes for highly accurate performance testing, or realistic models that look and feel like your finished products. Photopolymers, thermoplastics, metals and composite materials provide a full spectrum of material properties, many of which withstand secondary processes like sealing, polishing, painting, metallization or electroplating. 3D Printer
Plus, if your final production process will require molds, patterns or layups, you can 3D print short-run tooling to prove out your products and manufacturing processes before making big investments.

See more at : http://www.stratasys.com/solutions/rapid-prototyping#sthash.rsTjhnxP.kRStonnm.dpuf